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from mass media. Parasocial Interaction. Horton and Wohl (1956, 215) were the first to use the term parasocial1 interaction. (PSI) to describe the “seeming  Horton and R. Richard Wohl's article “Mass Communication and Para-Social. Interaction.” This article was the first to delve into the parasocial relationship between. Advertising is a communication work that exist almost in every part of our life para-social interaction are important issues when it comes to media influence.

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The theory plays a significant role in mass communication and the daily lives of media consumers and likely always will as it is ingrained into the culture of media consumption. Development and validation of a parasocial interaction measure: The audience-persona interaction scale. Communication Research Reports, 17(1), 79-89. Baek, Y., M., Bae, Y., & Jang, H. (2013). Social and parasocial relationships on social network sites and their differential relationships with users’ psychological well-being. Parasocial relationships with an ingroup character engaged in intergroup contact did not contribute to prejudice reduction beyond parasocial relationships with outgroup characters. This research suggests that audiences can develop socioemotional bonds with outgroup television characters that can influence attitudes and behaviors much the same as direct, interpersonal intergroup contact.

First Online 06 November 2015; DOI; Publisher Name Springer VS, Wiesbaden Vol. 19 #3 MASS COMMUNICATION AND PARA-SOCIAL INTERACTION. One of the striking characteristics of the new mass media-radio, television, and the movies-is that they give the illusion of face-to-face relationship with the performer.


The daily use of imagined interaction features. Communication . Monographs, 82(2), 201-223.

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Mass communication and parasocial interaction

av L Nord · 2010 — mellan public service och kommersiell tv, liksom mellan olika kommer- ”Mass Communication and Parasocial Interaction: Observations on Intimacy. Parasocial interaction in pervasive role-play: the case of sanningen om marika. This thesis sheds light on the different types of media convergence that took  The real audience, Television & New Media, vol. 3, nr 3. Hill, A. Horton, D. & Wohl, R. (1956) Masscommunication and para-social interaction. Observation on  (author); Norms and rage: Gender and social media in the 2018 U.S. mid-term elections; 2021; In: Electoral Studies.

The conditions of response to the performer are analogous to those in a primary group. Para-social interaction, as we have said, is analogous to and in many ways resembles social interaction in ordinary primary groups. The new mass media are obviously distinguished by their ability to confront a member of the audience with an apparently intimate, face-to-face association with a performer. Mass Communication and Para-social Interaction. Donald Horton and R. Richard Wohl. Extract from Horton, Donald and R. Richard Wohl (1956): 'Mass Communication and Para-social Interaction: Observations on Intimacy at a Distance', Psychiatry 19: 215-29.
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Mass communication and para-social interaction. Psychiatry: Journal for the Study of Interpersonal Processes, 19, 215–229. 2016-11-08 Mass communication and para-social int eraction: Observations on intimacy at a distance von . This study supports the refinement of the concept of parasocial interaction Mass Communication and Para-Social Interaction.

MASS COMMUNICATION & SOCIETY, 2003, 6(2), 191–202 Although parasocial relationships are based on simulated interaction, they continue beyond the  Keywords: parasocial interaction, authenticity, media figure, perceived realism, identification date, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Uni-.
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These issues are frequently discussed by the media but up till now such as the `parasocial interaction' between television viewers and media characters, and  av J Jarlbrink — Begreppet ”parasocial interaktion” syftar vanligtvis på att personer som Donald Horton & Richard R. Wohl, “Mass Communication and Para-Social Interaction:.